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OCTOBER  3 - 25, 2013
"from the street"
carved wooden paintings

…Tom Pfannerstill creates detailed paintings on carved wood, replicas of rubbish found by the artist. Simultaneously, you’ll admire Pfannerstill’s painting expertise and the power of packaging design. An entertaining way to question value, Pfannerstill’s striking results will have you yearning to take one of these treasures home.
         —Mali Anderson ‘ staff picks’ May 15, LEO weekly, Louisville Kentucky

... They’ve been kicked, driven over, torn, crumpled, oil stained and water damaged. They’ve rusted and wrinkled. And this is their story, told in the dirt-smudged marks of their journey.
                - Kristen Peterson,   Las Vegas Weekly Arts Section,  10/2/13

.pdf price list available here
Trifecta GalleryTrifecta GalleryTrifecta Gallery

Above:   Rusty Altoids   9.5 x 14.25"    $3250. ;  Magic Colored Snakes  3.75 x 4.25"    $900.   ;  Ben & Jerry's 4 x 5.75"  $1050.

Below:   Lemonhead   4 x 7.5"   $1050. ;   McDonalds Fries   7.50 x 5.75"    $900. ;   Skittles 5 x 8.75"   $1250.

Trifecta GalleryTrifecta GalleryTrifecta Gallery
Trifecta GalleryTrifecta GalleryTrifecta Gallery
above: Steersotu FF Glove (back of hand)
7.50 x 14.75   carved wood and paint   $1850
above:   Steersotu FF Glove (Palm)
7.50 x 14.75"  carved wood and paint   $1850

above: Love Note   5.50 x 7.75"   SOLD

 Pfannerstill Remarks:
Each of these objects was at one time a near-perfect clone of millions of others of it’s type. It was designed and manufactured to exacting standards. By the time I find it, it has become a tiny study of opposing forces. Mechanical geometric precision is altered by organic twists, bends and folds. The inherent rationality is overlaid with elements of chance. The sparkling clean surfaces are smudged and marked by everyday dirt, grit and grime. No two objects have exactly the same journey , so no two are marked in exactly the same way. Each wears a record of its own particular history.

Trifecta GalleryTrifecta Gallery
Trifecta Gallery
Raisin Box  SOLDPabst Carton   14 x 21"

Trifecta GalleryTrifecta GalleryTom Pfannerstill
Camel Wides SOLD
Sparklers (1x1.5)  3.50 x 12.50"   $1050
Tom PfannerstillTom PfannerstillTom Pfannerstill
Tom PfannerstillTom PfannerstillTom Pfannerstill
Paper oil funnel  5 x 5.50"   SOLD
Tom PfannerstillTom PfannerstillTom Pfannerstill
Tom PfannerstillTom PfannerstillTom Pfannerstill
Tom PfannerstillTom Pfannerstill